Student Celebrates Mardi Gras in Simmons

Even though Simmons Dining Hall made a commitment to healthy eating this year, they didn’t skimp out on Fat Tuesday. Last night, the dining hall hung gold, purple, and green streamers and loaded its trays with authentic novelties from the Gulf Coast like King Cake and Jambalaya. The tablecloths and beads further served to conjure up the spirit of Mardi Gras.

One freshman was overtaken by the Mardi Gras spirit. Danielle, who wouldn’t tell us her last name, spontaneously decided to bust a move on a table during the Simmons’ celebration: “I danced on the table right underneath the T.V. towards the end of dinner. They started playing music–this mix between blues and a saxophone–and I just lost it.”

(ed. To the concerned parents reading from home, don’t worry. There was nothing appropriate– or inappropriate enough– for a Girls Gone Wild video.)

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