You Always Hurt The One You Love

rushingthecourt_mediumWell there’s some enthusiasm for Penn State Basketball. Too bad it almost got Talor Battle crushed. Luckily, the die-hard Nittany Lion basketball fan pictured has defended his zealous response to Thursday’s climactic win online.

I’m an innocent, diehard PSU basketball fan who seized the opportunity to give his favorite player the biggest man-hug, hoping to justify the awkwardness of the action through the team’s astounding victory. I was not the one who put Talor Battle at serious risk. In fact, I should be a renowned hero for helping him out, along with the random dude in last year’s student section t-shirt and the aforementioned dude in the black zip-up. I swear as soon as Battle slipped, the words out of my mouth were “Oh shit, get him up, get him up”.  So from all of us, you’re welcome.

That’s just a taste of the lengthy statement found on Penn State Basketball Blog Crispin and Cream. You would think that Battle was pressing charges by how much this guy goes into detail. But all is forgiven – not only did he show the world Penn State basketball’s fan potential, but he personally apologized to the potential Big Ten Player of the Year:

I felt so guilty last night, I wrote a fairly lengthy apology to Battle on Facebook. Just to set the record straight, I called no homo on the hug. He responded with ‘lol thanks man its cool’.

If Battle’s cool, we’re cool. But when you’re reveling in a Penn State win, make sure you don’t keep Carlton out of the dance by loving our star player to death.

[Source: Crispin and Cream via Deadspin]

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