BCS Gets No R-E-S-P-E-C-T

obamapissonbcsRemember when, right after November’s election, President Barack Obama said that he wanted to see a eight-team college football playoff rather than the BCS determine the NCAA national champion? If you’re anything like me, you wrote it off as a great P.R. move by the administration – getting that coveted “I’d like to have a beer with the guy” vote. While most college football fans agree that a playoff system would be more fun and fair for all parties involved – it looked like we’d be stuck wishing the Bowl Championship series away, even if the Commander-in-Chief was in agreement.

Apparently, some members in Congress aren’t letting the dream die:

The current system “leaves nearly half of all the teams in college football at a competitive disadvantage when it comes to qualifying for the millions of dollars paid out every year,” the Senate Judiciary’s subcommittee on antitrust, competition policy and consumer rights said in a statement Wednesday announcing the [BCS antitrust] hearings.

That’s right.  Congress plans on having hearings to make the college football postseason even better. Some of us may not see this as the wisest use of our lawmaker’s time – but hey, it’s time they won’t have to give out soon-to-be-misappropriated bailout money.

While the playoff system would principally benefit non-major conference teams like Utah, The Nittany Lions seem like the kind of team that could handle the pressure of a single-elimination contest for supremacy.

And yes, that is the dumbest thing I have ever photoshopped.

[Source: ESPN]

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