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gatoradelogoThe Collegian ran an ad today for Gatorade’s “Are you G?” contest. Gatorade will award 1,000 dollars to the person that shows the most “heart, soul, and hustle” of an athlete via a two minute video: “Got a relentless workout? Preparing to beat your 5k race time? Finally make that dunk? Are you your fraternity dart champion? If so, we want the world to see it!”

Sounds promising, but one look at the rules and regulations shows some problems in winning that “1G:”

Can I include my university’s logo or mascot?
No. Videos including a university logo or mascot will be deemed ineligible.

I don’t know if a Gatorade representative has ever visited campus, but that rule excludes just about 98% of State College residents, who use Penn State regalia to eat, sleep, and shower (flip flops for those dorm bathrooms, anyone?). A variation of the same rule prohibits filming in almost every location on campus: “No copyrighted, trademarked, or logos (other than Gatorade) in your video! Avoid shooting your video in front of store or sign—always be aware of what is in the frame.”

Tip #1: Bring copies of the Publicity Release form to the shoot.
You have to obtain a signature from each identifiable individual on a Publicity Release. To avoid missing a signature, encourage participants to sign it right away. It is also advisable to keep the number of participants to a minimum.

If Gatorade was hoping to capture someone winning a fraternity dart contest, this rule will clearly be violated.

Tip #4: Use a tripod if possible.
This helps keep the camera steady and ensures every moment is captured clearly.

See above comment.

Do not include any music in your video.

Sorry, people; leave Kevin Rudolf, Lil Wayne, and Zombie Nation at home.

Now that you’re stripped of your clothes, your locations, and your music, Gatorade wants you, PSU, to “be tough” and “shine on.” Because there are no excuses when you’re going for that G.

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