PSU Attends Shell Eco-Marathon


3,000 kilometers per liter.  That’s pretty intense, but competitors in the Shell Eco-Marathon will soon be competing to match or beat this high level of fuel efficiency.

This contest for efficient vehicles has been going on for decades, and this year Shell is holding an American version of the extravaganza at the famed California Speedway.

The engineering team of Toby Snider, Matt Shiskowski, and Tom Keenan will represent Penn State at the Eco-Marathon, which runs from April 15 to April 18, this Wednesday to this Saturday.

As for the competition itself, diesel, gasoline, ethanol, GTL, solar, hydrogen, biofuels, and maybe even Doc Brown’s Presto logs are all fair game.

Contenders will utilize science and imagination, all the while shoveling more money into the oil tyrant known as Shell.  But hey, at least our Penn State grads will land some high-paying jobs.

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