Victory for Borsuk!

While junior Nick Borsuk did not manage to win the UPUA presidential elections, his intent to strengthen Greek life and “green” life on all campuses did help him capture the title of Council of Commonwealth Student Governments (CCSG) president.

Yet that’s not what Borsuk calls himself. In today’s Collegian, Borsuk shared his self-described “corny metaphor” to illustrate the way he viewed his up-and-coming role:

“We’re skippers of a ship and there are 19 captains,” Borsuk said. “We make sure you get to the destination, but you choose the destination.”

Borsuk may be the “captain of a vessel” (thanks, Wikipedia) named CCSG, but he also resembles “The Skipper” from the popular 60’s sitcom, Gilligan’s Island:

“He [The Skipper] is also the most superstitious castaway, sometimes putting him in conflict with The Professor’s rationalistic view of things.”

Although I can’t affirm whether Borsuk holds superstitious beliefs, he certainly doesn’t always take the most rational side:

“A Penn State Worthington Scranton student asked the tickets, “What fruit describes you best?”

Borsuk said an apple because they are “simple, classic, reliable and represent tradition.”

Reliable? Can apples be unrealiable?

I guess we’ll find out next semester.

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