Penn Staters Make Push For Pot

psupotA little over 75 students held a rally in support of legalization of Marijuana at the State Capitol on Monday. Because when you want people you take your cause seriously, you plan it around a holiday dedicated to recreational drug use.

“We’re at a point where this is not a political issue,” said Jay Bundy, president of the Penn State branch of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). “It’s an issue of justice, an issue of history and an issue of human suffering.”

Now, I understand the potential benefits of legalization of Marijuana, and there are some interesting economic theories out there, but at the same time…woah, woah, wait a second. Jay Bundy?

Bundy, a former Penn State student, didn’t attend the rally, but said several students from Penn State did.

That would be the Jay Bundy after being elected the inaugural UPUA president, turned around and called the student body “stupid” for electing him, and pledged to be the worst president in history.

A number of the rally participants were family members of cancer patients and people suffering from psychological disorders. They obviously attended for the right reasons. But one has to question their strategy – not only is 4/20 associated with goofball stoners, but they have JAY BUNDY as their president.

To be fair, maybe Bundy is past his antics – there’s a good chance he’s turned over a new leaf.

[Source: The Daily Collegian]

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