Day: May 11, 2009

Old Collegian Column Causes Problems

Back on March 23th, we wrote a post criticizing Collegian columnist Andrew Wible’s column about his spring break drinking adventures, and the veiled reference to the joys of rape (oh, it’s in the column.). The Collegian didn’t have a problem allowing it to go to print, which sucks for Mr. Wible. We wrote: To Mr. […]

Nittany Lion Inn Commissions Painting

When I first visited Penn State, it’s what I noticed the most. The spring bustle feels like this: thousands of people walking in between classes, most with sweatpants on, most with iPods, some protesting, others smiling. Students weave in and out of tours like the tangy smells of Chinese from Panda Express weave with the […]

Gates Foundation grants PSU professors $100k

The Gates Foundation has recently granted 81 teams worldwide $100,000 each to research preventive solutions for infectious diseases such as malaria. The Foundation reports that Penn State professors Dr. Andrew Read (biology and entomology), Thomas Baker (entomology), and Matthew Thomas (entomology) will use their 100k to do the following: “[Read, Baker, and Thomas] will examine […]