Lions Roar: Inside and Outside the Classroom

kanye_west_graduationCulminating their success inside and outside the classroom, 81 student-athletes will receive degrees from Penn State this weekend.  This total marks the second highest number of student-athletes to graduate from State in a single year, only trailing last year’s mark of 83.

This year’s class includes members from 21 of 25 varsity teams.  Among those leaving the Valley are the Big Ten’s all-time leading scorer (Kevin Kelly), the Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year in field hockey (Ali Scola), and the All-American of the Year from ESPN the Magazine (Christa Harmotto).  During their time in the Valley, 13 of these athletes captured national titles for Penn State in sports like Men’s and Women’s Volleyball and Fencing.  Not too shabby, eh?

This year continues the tradition of academic success for student-athletes at PSU. The graduation rate (84%) remains significantly higher than the national average of 64%.  Last semester alone, 9 Nittany Lions in total were selected to ESPN The Magazine’s Academic All-America list – six of which were first-teamers.  In the Big Ten, the Nitts only trail the Wildcats of Northwestern in graduation rate.

Warm thanks go out to these athletes who maintain this delicate balance of scholarship for the glory of old State.  Good luck to them in their future careers.

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