Tough Times Kindle Stress

stressedBudgets are tight, and jobs are scarce.  After carefully conducting insightful surveys, pollsters have deduced:  college students are stressed.

The Associated Press and MtvU polled 2,240 students from 40 different campuses.  The surveys took place at the end of April and beginning of May.

According the results, 32% of students worry about financial issues, up from 27% last year.

57% of the students are somewhat worried or very worried about scoring a job after graduation.

18% said one of their parents was laid off .  Of these students, 27% considered dropping out in the past three months.

Pretty straightforward, yeah?  Actually, an anomaly exists.  The percent of students claiming to be “very happy” jumped from 31% to 36%.

So, this survey tells us that tough economic times create stress among college students.  Okay.  Also, this survey tells us that stressed students are happy students.  Sure.

According to made-up statistics, 99% of polls are worthless.

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