Swine Flu Invades Penn State

swinefluTo continue with our ongoing H1N1 coverage, it appears that the illness has hit the University Park campus. A Collegian article reports that ten people are infected.

Luckily, all ten are expected to make a full recovery, and it seems like the disease’s spread is being contained. However, this incident has caused some to criticize the university for a lack of communication, notably UPUA President Gavin Keirans:

“In the future, they need to be in a much more active dialogue with the student body about what is going on,” Keirans (senior-business management) said. “It would have probably been in everyone’s best interest to have released a statement from the beginning.”

While there are some obvious disadvantages of getting swine flu, there were some subtle advantages for some of the Penn State students who contracted the disease.

Students living on-campus with the illness were asked to “self-isolate” themselves and were either asked to leave campus to recover or were quarantined to single-occupancy living spaces, such as rooms in East View Terrace, [director of University Health Services Dr. Margaret] Spear said.

So there you have it. Have you been trying to get a room in East View Terrace but to no avail? Just get sick and you’ll have top housing priority! Lots of universities have special housing to accommodate different sexual orientations, academic programs, and cultures. Why not infectious diseases too? Call it Quarantine Hall!

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