Facebook Triggers Cocktail of Emotions

facebook stalkerFacebook messes with our heads in many ways. “Why isn’t she replying to my wall post?” “This night is so awesome… I hope I get tagged on Facebook!” “Seven people commented on my new profile picture! I’m the shit!”

Our Facebook profiles are online extensions of ourselves that create a sort of virtual existence. But sometimes reality and the Facebook World wind up in bed together and spawn a sickly bastard child that causes jealousy, paranoia, and anxiety.

According to a new study at the University of Guelph, the more time you spend on Facebook, the more likely you are to feel jealous, especially if you’re sexually or romantically involved with someone.

“Some girl posted a flirty message on my boyfriend’s wall, and she even used a smiley face. Who is this girl? Is something going on between her and my boyfriend? Her profile is private and I don’t know who she is. Should I ask my boyfriend about it?”

On Facebook, you see what people do, where they go, and with whom they associate. You see how cool other people are. And then you realize that you’re sitting by yourself in front of a computer screen.

In the UK a year ago, a woman decided to apply for a divorce… and posted her decision as a status update. Subsequently, her husband murdered her in a jealous rage before committing suicide.

That example is extreme, but the moral of the story? Take it easy on the Facebook. Think long and hard before posting anything questionable. According to a new made-up study, the more Facebook activity you have, the more boring your life.

So just remember that Facebook is not real! The social networking site is great for staying in touch with friends, but reality has no substitute. Instead of listing your activities in the “about me” section, go out and activate yourself.

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