Some Guy Named Corky Makes Inane Decree

Perhaps we should save any sort of competitive trash-talk for the week leading up to Penn State’s football game versus Temple, but one of our editors noticed that Temple Blog Broad and Cecil was hailing the Owls as “Pennsylvania’s football team.” Now, we’re happy that Temple’s blogging – and really, why blame them when they’re simply quoting the claim? Let’s focus on what really happened here – a writer for the LeighValley Express-Times decided he had the duty of selecting an official team for the Keystone state. Enter the warped opinion of Corky Blake:

Penn State may have the Commonwealth’s largest stadium, biggest budget and oldest coach. Pittsburgh may have a former NFL coach running the show and a steep tradition. However, I’m officially decreeing the Temple University Owls as “Pennsylvania’s Team.”

Al Golden’s doing a masterful job rebuilding the Temple program. What I like about the Owls is they are tapping into the Lehigh Valley for talent, which is more than we can say about Penn State.

Yeah! Those Nittany Lions are so classless, with their recruiting from multiple areas! Who even DOES THAT? They don’t deserve the title of “Pennsylvania’s Team!” That title belongs to the little-engine-that-could of college football teams! Yes! Let’s totally throw away game attendance and history!

Look, we’re not trying to trash the Temple program in any way – yes, Al Golden is doing a good job (despite his roots at some horrible football program), and if you were ever to survey Penn State fans on their most hated teams, the Owls wouldn’t even occur to most people. We have a nice arrangement – we play each other, Penn State, being a more football-centric school, almost always wins, and we move on.  But for the love of JoePa, to say Penn State isn’t Pennsylvania’s football team? Come meet me by Beaver Stadium this Saturday, Corky, and I’ll introduce you to about 110,000 people who disagree.

[Source: LeighValleyLive via Broad & Cecil]

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