PSU Unveils “Themed Gamedays”

When it was announced that there would be six themed games in Beaver Stadium this season – I have to admit, I was excited. I love watching the game of football, but what takes it over the top is the atmosphere created by the loyal fanbase – and the creative things those in the student section comes up with. The Penn State Stormtrooper is a prime example.

However, four of the chosen “themes” seem pretty familiar – Homecoming is nothing new, Senior day happens every year, seeing the name “Whitehouse” instead of “Whiteout” angers me regardless of the fact that this is another annual tradition, and favorite jersey day – isn’t that every game?! You could argue that ‘Champions Day’ is another repeat – several successful teams from other sports are paraded in each endzone during game breaks.

So that just leaves  ‘Classic Day’ – a recognition of the historic rivalry with Syracuse University. Despite the grumbles that SU isn’t exactly an exciting football opponent, this is the most promising of the “themes:”

As the Nittany Lions welcome old rival Syracuse back to Beaver Stadium, fans will be welcomed by 1960’s music prior to, during and after the game.  Fans are encouraged to break out the tie dyes, headbands and peace signs of the ‘60’s. The student “S-Zone” will have a throwback card section, the Penn State Blue Band, Lionettes and Nittany Lion performances will feature songs from the decade.

Oh, Penn State Live, “the tie dyes?” When did you become our unhip uncle?

Getting back to the point, I know it must be tough to improve upon marketing Penn State football games. The experience itself is so wildly popular that there is barely a point. But give the fans – particularly the student section – a little more to work with.

What theme days would everyone else pick?

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