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Paternoville has been Erected!Stefan Choquette reporting live from Paternoville. It is now 1:25am Thursday morning and all the tents are finally setup and the newest residents of Paternoville are beginning to settle in for the first night before the Syracuse game Saturday.

Although tents couldn’t be erected until midnight, a line began to form at the student gate of Beaver Stadium at 10am Wednesday (my group being second in line). As we took turns throughout the day the mood became more jovial and the line grew longer until Paternoville was open for residence.

I’ll be photographing this experience throughout the rest of the week and will keep you updated on the festivities and shenanigans.

Paternoville Night 1I’m going to try to get some sleep before my 5am ROTC wakeup call, but a round of trashcan races has begun… as well as the rain.

Check back soon for the latest. Reporting LIVE from Paternoville for Onward State, I’m Stefan Choquette.

PS: If you wanna stop by and say “Hi” to me and the “Moye’s Boys” Tent We’re under the Junior Entrance of gate A. GO STATE!

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Stefan is currently a Junior Integrative Arts major with a background in Computer Science. Stefan is a veteran of the US Air Force and is currently enrolled in ROTC to return as an officer after graduation. Stefan is a founding brother of Phi Kappa Sigma and a licensed private pilot. Stefan formally served as our Editor of Photography, and now helps with staff photography.


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