Paternoville LIVE Update

Justin Molitoris Studies for a Business course at Gate AToday we woke up to a beautiful day. If only football could be played today in this weather.

Residents began the day by meeting some new neighbors and others recovered from hangovers, but most were studying. That’s the thing about Paternoville I’ve discovered. There’s a lot of reading involved. Everyone really cares about their classes and focuses on their studies.

There’s currently a rumor floating around that this may be the last REAL Paternoville. Evidently sources are saying starting next week Paternoville will make a last minute announcement as to the location of the tickets and signup will be held. Evidently the 10 am line on Wednesday didn’t help matters.

But, I don’t see what the problem is. Penn State does things big. We have over 90,000 students enrolled in the Penn State system. We have the biggest stadium in the Western Hemisphere (Suck it Michigan, Big House my ass!). We win several BIG TEN championships every year. We have the winningest coach in college football history. We have riots… FOR WINNING AN AWAY GAME! We have a massive greek system. We’re the #1 Party school. We have the world’s largest student run philanthropy. We have the world’s largest active alumni association. We have the most photographed site in Pennsylvania (The Lion Shrine). We have the creamery that taught Ben and Jerry a thing or two. We took 36 busloads of students to NYC for the NIT Championship game and embarrassed Baylor’s parent’s section. We have the best student section in college football. We are Penn State, we do things BIG! So don’t be surprised when the loyal Blue and White brigade sets up shop at your door days before.

I do see a problem if we go “Rose Bowl Style” every week. My group planned for Paternoville and made a very specific set schedule so that no one missed a class and we all got rest and most importantly showers. If you throw in a variables such as locale and time you throw a wrench into the whole system and possibly cause problems with the now oiled Paternoville machine.

Your thoughts are appreciated.

I’ll be posting more throughout the Day ‘n Night.

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