The Triumphant Return of The Natty Nittany

Zachary - NN

Zachary. Photographed outside the Nittany Bank on College Ave.

In the triumphant return of the Natty Nittany, I present you with Zachary. I ran into Zachary looking exceptionally sharp outside the bank. At first I didn’t take him to be a college student, but when I asked him, I discovered that he’s a graduate student working towards his MBA in Smeal. I noticed that he had a great look on for September, herringbone is perhaps one of my favorite fabric patterns and is perfect for fall. Who cares that fall doesn’t start until September 23? I wore a sweater today comfortably, so it’s close enough. He paired the excellent jacket with a nice pair of slacks, unpleated (thank God), that match the jacket very well. Now brown slacks and a traditional herringbone coat is a lot of earth tones for one ensemble, but he complements the nicely with the light blue shirt with the white collar (another favorite of mine). So if you’re looking to go for a more dressed up ensemble for fall, take a page out of Zachary’s book, the world will be much better off (Sartorially, at least).

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Chase Tralka

Chase Tralka is a Senior majoring in Information Sciences and Technology with a minor in Security and Risk Analysis. He is from Northern New Jersey and is involved in far too many organizations to list here. He enjoys photography, cycling, and listening to obscure free jazz music.


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