Penn State’s All-Sports Museum Worth a Visit

Last Friday, while on my way to Paternoville, I decided to stop in at the Penn State All-Sports Museum, located in the southeast corner of Beaver Stadium on the ground floor. I had never been before, and I figured that it could be pretty interesting. After talking with the employees at the front desk I decided to turn my visit into a story for all of you. They were kind enough to let me go around the museum and take some pictures to give you a taste of what the museum has to offer. Check out the pics below.

I’m happy to say that my visit was very enjoyable, and that I’ll definitely be stopping by again to absorb more of the exhibits. Penn State’s athletic history is extremely rich and to try and absorb it all in one visit would be impossible. The museum is open Tuesday – Saturday from 10am – 4pm and Sunday from 12pm – 4pm. Admission is free.

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Chase Tralka

Chase Tralka is a Senior majoring in Information Sciences and Technology with a minor in Security and Risk Analysis. He is from Northern New Jersey and is involved in far too many organizations to list here. He enjoys photography, cycling, and listening to obscure free jazz music.


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