The Fate of Simmons Dining Hall


In an effort to save Simmons dining hall, which is to be replaced by residence halls, some students have become active in their mission.

One student, Freshman Mark Jones, has been marketing T-shirts which read “Save Simmons” in an attempt to get the word out. Also, a Facebook group called “Save Simmons Dining Hall” has kicked off to raise further awareness of the subject, and it has over 2,000 members.

While T-shirts and Facebook groups may effectively create awareness, that only makes a bunch of pissed off students. The university, as part of a residence renovation plan that began with the closing of McElwain Dining two years ago, will move forward with its plan come spring, despite complaints.

From what it looks like, the plan is to feed pieces of Simmons’ healthy food options to the other dining commons. Pollock Dining, which will undergo renovation in the future, may receive the most of the Simmons leftovers. But there is hope! According to a post by Dean Brady of Schreyer Honors College, students of SHC will be on the committee behind it all.

The Housing, Food Services, and Residence Life administrators want to work closely with us to make sure that the residential component of the SHC experiences remains strong and very positive.

Some of the aforementioned pissed off students may have a say. Good news! Now there’s a slightly reduced chance of getting screwed over twice!


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