ESPN Grabs the Lion’s Tale

lionClint Gyory, our Nittany Lion, is a Penn State celebrity. Now ESPN has turned the national spotlight upon him.

In ESPN’s feature article about our prized mascot, they tailed him on Homecoming Weekend and even explored his basement, where Gyory keeps his 5 lion suits. They discussed the rules of being a mascot, the condition of the suits, and the general demands on Gyory’s life.

First, the article is probably awesome. Unfortunately, I do not subscribe to ESPN Insider, so I cannot read the full piece.

Second, why didn’t we think of this story? The ball flew right over our heads and into the waiting arms of ESPN’s athletic aficionados. Props to them for outscooping us on our own turf.

Tina Hay, editor of the Penn Stater, clearly shares our opinion. In her words, this is a “story I wish we had thought to do.” Ditto. I suppose you can’t win them all.

But wait, Has anyone ever snooped through Graham Spanier’s basement to gaze upon his suit collection? Sounds like a great story to me. Tune in next time!


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