Four Diamonds Fund: Highlights of 2008-09

3304528021_d6c664386aThe Penn State Hershey Four Diamonds Fund began in 1972, after Charles and Irma Millard lost their child, Christopher, to cancer. Four Diamonds was founded with the purpose of covering medical expenses for children of cancer at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital. In addition, staff members at the hospital who dedicate their time to families and cancer research are supported through this fund.

This year, largely through the help of THON, the Four Diamonds Fund has raised incredible funding.

  • A whopping $9.5 million in gifts was donated to Four Diamonds. About $7.5 million of that total was raised through Penn State’s THON!
  • $792,000 was raised through the mini-THONS of 38 different Pennsylvania schools.
  • Possibly the most warming of the statistics: less than 2.5% of the annual operating budget was used for administrative expenses.

Four Diamonds has also supported an update on pediatric cancer research along with unique therapy programs, such as music therapy and clinical nutrition. Congratulations to Four Diamonds spaceballon another year of incredible work!


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