Month: November 2009

Paterno’s Grand Experiment Still Showing Results

ESPN the Magazine awarded Penn State football with a nation-leading three Academic All-Americans – Center Stefan Wisniewski, Snapper Andrew Pitz, and Linebacker Josh Hull. I’m just glad that someone finally recognized that Hull is more than just a mustache. [Pic]

Women’s Volleyball Makes It Three Straight

Three straight wins? Maybe if we were talking about some other team. The Lady Lions completed their third consecutive undefeated season Saturday. The regular season closer against No.12 Michigan was the team’s 96th straight win. So what’s ahead for this incredibly dominant squad? In addition to the upcoming  NCAA tournament, they can chase the longest […]

Overheard on Twitter

I’m sure the University is glad to help you out.

ESPN Grabs the Lion’s Tale

Clint Gyory, our Nittany Lion, is a Penn State celebrity. Now ESPN has turned the national spotlight upon him. In ESPN’s feature article about our prized mascot, they tailed him on Homecoming Weekend and even explored his basement, where Gyory keeps his 5 lion suits. They discussed the rules of being a mascot, the condition […]

2011 Beaver Stadium Seating Plan Revealed

The student section will gain 800 seats… at the expense of a shift away from the 40 yard line. The general reaction is said to be similar to cheering when the fast wave passes through the visiting team’s section – “Boooooo-yaaaaayyyy!” It has not yet been decided, as far as we know, where the Blue […]

Onward State’s Tips for a Happy Thanksgiving

It’s that time of the year again, Happy Valley. Thanksgiving break! A time to head home with a full laundry basket and an empty wallet. A time to grub face with the people you love most. Yes, there are few things better heading home to a table full of stuffing, sweet potato casserole, and turkey […]

NPR Personality Ira Glass Visits Penn State

Ira Glass, NPR host for “This American Life”, was in State College a tad over a fortnight ago to learn what it’s like to attend a university with one of the best football programs in the entire US of A. Some reporters followed around freshmen, others attended frat parties, but Ira’s focus was on the […]

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