Bowden’s Mess Could Have Been JoePa’s

joepaAs many of you now know, a clash of the titans is finally coming to a conclusion. On Dec. 1st, 2009, Bobby Bowden, the legendary Florida State Seminoles coach and only other contender for JoePa’s all-time wins record, stepped down. Or, rather, he was nudged off the step by a football organization that would perhaps like to see a season a little better than 6-6.

But what many do not know is that we could have had a situation similar to FSU right here at Penn State. As ESPN’s Adam Rittenberg reports, back in the less-than-noteworthy years of PSU football that began this decade, there was pressure for our beloved JoePa to step down. But – and I think luckily for us – we stuck with JoePa, and consequently have been enjoying a period of relative football success (Stop those “ahems,” this is a feel-good post, people).

It still remains to be seen, but hopefully Joe can fade away from PSU football on his own terms without the controversy that followed Bowden’s exit. After all, what is a season or two of good football compared to the legacy of the greatest college football coach of all time?


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