“Green” Man in Manhattan

Activist and Journalist Colin Beavan, the man behind the plan, with his daughter

Imagine living in the city while trying to make no environmental impact in your daily life. Could you do it? Tomorrow the Schreyer Honors College Student Council will present No Impact Man, a documentary about a man that did.

No Impact Man follows the Beavan family on their year-long journey toward entirely sustainable lives in Manhattan. The film presents a real, down-to-earth account of what it’s like for materialists to transition to a “green” way of life. It shows the doubt and frustration that goes into the journey toward an impactless life.

We can all do much more to be sustainable human beings. Consider it a great big kiss to mother nature for allowing us to live with her, and the Beavans started one hell of a make-out session. For a true first-hand story of modern-day sustainability, go see No Impact Man in the Carnegie Cinema (of the Carnegie Building) this Thursday at 7:30 p.m.


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