Cover Story: Valley Magazine Needs a Cover Story?

n13000094188_9093Valley, Penn State’s life and style magazine, is currently searching for its Spring 2010 cover story. Apparently they can’t really find someone to write about. Maybe they’re lazy? Maybe it’s just what I like to call passive research, where you let the research come to you. For example, my U.S. Cultures term paper topic was about how hippies changed modern perceptions of drugs and sex, chosen because VH1’s “The Drug Years” and “Sex: The Revolution” were on that week. Maybe they’re trying to make it into some sort of contest?

For their Spring 2010 issue, they’re looking for a female undergraduate student who is “ambitious about making her dreams come true after graduation and could serve as a strong role model for fellow PSU students.” Sounds like a scholarship/ award application to me, only you win the cover story of Valley. I feel like they could definitely find someone more interesting than a student (who applied themselves for the story) to write about like that professor that’s trying to bring woolly mammoths back to life using elephant eggs. I’d read that. Truly, though, I think Valley is just trying to seem involved and community-oriented. At least I hope that’s the case, for their sake.


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Caitlin is from a small Pennsylvania town called Unionville, which is by West Chester, which is by Philadelphia. She is a sophomore in the Smeal College of Business and will probably major in accounting. Caitlin loves "How I Met Your Mother" and dougnuts.


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