Teachin’ the Russians What’s What

In Russian schools, tests take YOU! President Obama thinks that this is a silly dynamic and has included an education expert from Penn State in his U.S.-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission.

Dr. Jacqueline Edmondson, PSU’s associate dean for undergraduate and graduate studies in Penn State’s College of Education was selected to join the Working Group on Education, Culture, Sports, and Media of the Obama-Medvedev Commission. I know that the Commission states that it is bilateral, but let’s be real: our education expert is going to be doing some educating of her own. Dr. Edmondson received her PhD in Curriculum & Instruction and Language & Literacy Education in 1999, following a long history in the study of education, all at PSU. I’d say she knows a thing or two. The Russians are making out like bandits in this deal (Learn how to trade fairly, you “ex”-Communists!).

Check out Penn State Live‘s story, and let me know about any Communist deviance you have heroically foiled.


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