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Day: February 6, 2010

Mann Speaks Out for Climate Change

We've been inundated with "Climategate" lately, but not with what the man at the center of the controversy, Penn State meteorology professor Michael Mann, has to say, apart from a few short clips. However, Mann has published an open letter defending himself and his work in this month's issue of the magazine Voices of Central Pennsylvania. He asserts himself from the very first sentence of the letter: "Climate change is real."

Mann says he welcomes scientific debate and a healthy skepticism, but contrasts this with what he's called the "contrarianism" of stubborn skeptics who refuse to believe anything about climate change or to do anything about it, even pointing out an instance where one of his published works fell on the more skeptical side regarding climate change. And of course, he addresses the email hullabaloo.

So what does Mann have to say? Read on to find out!

Reader-Submitted Post

Question of the Day: Battle of the Bands

So Penn State gets a handful of decent music acts every year or so. I like Jay-Z just as much as the next guy, but with a school as large as Penn State with a venue as impressive as the BJC, I would figure we'd have a schedule packed full of incredible music acts. So my questions is:

What band/artist/music act would you like to perform at Penn State?

Special Note: The commenter than recommends anyone from Jersey Shore gets negative infinity points.

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