Vallowegian: Newest Phroth Installment

Phroth's depiction of what it's like to copy-edit in Hour 19 of Production Weekend.

There’s a lot to look forward to (and even more to laugh about) in the newest Phollegian, which is to be entitled “Vallowegian.” As the name suggests, the issue will be released this Friday, February 12, in light of Valentine’s Day. We had the opportunity to inquire about the blood, sweat, and tears that go into producing something so hilarious so consistently.  Who better to consult than Editor-In-Chief Rebecca Eisenberg?

Here are some neat features of the Vallowegian:

  • Cut out V-Day Cards – certainly not guaranteed to get you laid, says Eisenberg.
  • Topical & Current Humor – “Some of the most consistently strong writing I’ve seen from our writers in my four years in Phroth.”
  • And, of course, some good old-fashioned Collegian mockery!

“A lot of people don’t realize,” says Eisenberg, “how serious we are about our comedy.”

To assure the most quality, gut-busting material, Phroth has a somewhat elaborate democracy in which they vote on which articles to include in each issue.

Also, many members of Phroth just finished up 52 hours of nonstop editing, compiling, caffeine consumption, and delirium, in what they paralleled as the LSD trip of copy editing (Editor’s note: where do I sign up?). Production weekend, which has been a  nightmare in past years, says Eisenberg, has really developed into more of a social event in Patterson computer lab that is anticipated by staff members.

Upon hearing about production weekend, some may consider those of Phroth to be procrastinators. If so, they’re a group of the best damn procrastinators/perfectionists around! Head to the HUB on Friday for a copy of the Vallowegian that’s sure to entertain!


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