Committee Spotlight: OPP

Here is the first of many interviews that we will be conducting with members of the various committees. Check out this Q and A with OPP committee members Kaitlin Scicchitano and Zach Fleagle.

OS: What has your committee done so far this weekend?

Zach: We got here at 5:30, and set up the floor. We bring all the physical parts downstairs … and set it up.

OS: How many years have you been involved in THON?

Zach: This is my 2nd.

Kaitlin: This is my 2nd THON as well.

OS: What is your favorite part of THON?

Zach: Slides of Strength, definitely.

Kaitlin: Family hour… it is inspirational, emotional. It’s intense.

OS: Why did you get involved in THON?

Kaitlin: It is a weekend that PSU is known for besides partying. It lets you be part of something bigger than yourself.

OS: How long will you be here this weekend?

Kaitlin: Over 25 hours.

Zach: Three four-hour shifts, with work at the beginning and end.

OS: What song do you most want to hear this weekend?

Zach: I’m all about the Cha-Cha shuffle, man.

OS: How would you rate your dance skills?

Kaitlin: 10 out of 10.

Zach: 5 or below.

Kaitlin: Zach Fleagle, definitely 5 or below.

OS: What’s the coolest thing you have seen so far this weekend?

Kaitlin: The dancer tunnel… they’re all stoked, it’s just starting, it’s pretty cool.

OS: If you were a dinosaur, what kind would you be?

Kaitlin: Pterodactyl.

Zach: Crocodile; they are still alive.

Check back for more interviews with other committee members!

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