Another Snow Storm, Probably Another Day of Class

As I walked around in the near fifty degrees weather this weekend listening to the chirping of birds and watching the mounds of snow shrink away to reveal green grass, I couldn’t help but think, “Could it be? Could spring be around the corner?” Visions of bringing sweaters home for good over spring break and retiring my ugly, but warm, men’s trapper hat danced around in my mind. But alas, those dreams have been shattered.

A major snow storm of “historical proportions” is scheduled to hit the North East and Mid-Atlantic this Thursday and Friday. While most of our home towns are just recovering from the last storm, this is said to be the one we’ll all remember. Complete with 74mph winds and blinding snow falling at a rate of an inch per hour, this storm has been deemed a “snow hurricane” rather than a blizzard.

We may also see heavy rain as the storm progresses, most likely resulting in loss of power, fallen trees, blocked roads, and even flooding. Meteorologists anticipate impacts on travel to be so severe that “many schools will be closed.” I doubt that the ever-ready, side- walk-heated, University Park will see a snow day. But if there ever was a time, I think the Armageddon-like description that has been painted by recent weather reports would be the time (Hint, hint, G-Span, if you’re reading this!).


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Caitlin Silver

Caitlin is from a small Pennsylvania town called Unionville, which is by West Chester, which is by Philadelphia. She is a sophomore in the Smeal College of Business and will probably major in accounting. Caitlin loves "How I Met Your Mother" and dougnuts.


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