British Phil Wins Movin’ On BOTB

Last night, local group British Phil won the Movin’ On Battle of the Bands, winning the top prize of a 55 minute set right before the headliner at Movin’ On on Saturday, April 17. In addition, their single will be put in the rotation of local radio station B94.5, which sponsored the event. The three runners up, So Long, Pluto; The Hope Fallacy; and West Gate will all play 45 minute sets at Movin’ On.

British Phil cemented their success with excellent musicianship, a very active crowd, a unique sound, and a commanding stage presence. The latter was best exemplified when guitarist Tim “The Tool Man” Vitullo left the stage during a solo and played right in front of the judges.

All in all, an impressive lineup of groups, although there were a few too many emo/pop punk acts for my liking. Best of luck to all the acts that will be playing at Movin’ On in about three weeks. One more thing – one of the many prizes given out throughout the night was a hot tub. How cool is that?


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