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Day: March 30, 2010

Emails from an Asshole

Penn State students tend to do some pretty awesome things-a prime example is John Lindsay, who launched the super-popular blog last year. If you haven’t read this blog, you definitely should; it’s absolutely hilarious.

Lindsay poses as a customer or seller and responds to classified ads making inane, rude, and ludicrous offers to his unsuspecting, gullible victims. Some personal favorites include when he offers a girl looking for a summer job involving animals a job shooting horses on his farm, when he tries to barter his “whore wife” for a ’94 Jeep Wrangler, or when he tries to buy a litter of kittens to feed to his Bengal Tiger (which are legal to have as pets in PA with proper licensing, don’t 'cha know!).

More on Lindsay's outlandish new book after the jump.

UPUA Election Board Arbitrates Campaign Violations

The University Park Undergraduate Association Board of Arbitration met tonight to adjudicate campaign violations alleged to have been committed by each of the presidential tickets. Adewumi-Weakland was found not guilty; Ragland-Smith was found guilty on one count and not guilty on the other. Despite the guilty verdict, however, there will be no penalties on the Ragland-Smith campaign-- the Board of Arbitration felt that the relevant sections of the elections code were too vague for them to fairly render a decision.

Read the full post for a more detailed account.

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