Students to Create Awareness for CentrePeace

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You need not worry if you see people in orange jumpsuits outside of the Willard building on Monday, April 12. They are just students trying to increase awareness for CentrePeace.

CentrePeace is a leader in restorative justice in Centre County that works with the State Correctional Institute at Rockview and the Centre County Correctional Facility. They have birthday and Christmas-card programs, a prayer-mate program and a secondhand goods store.

The issue of restorative justice is more pressing than one might think. According to their campaign’s Web site, 95 percent of people in prison are going to get out one day. The restorative justice program aids these people in their transition from prison life back into the community.

In a CentrePeace press release, executive producer Thomas Brewster said, “The more prepared for release these people are, the better off the inmates, as well as the community, will be.”

Rebeka Rothstein, media director of CLARK communications, got involved in CentrePeace along with her fellow students.

“We work for them for a class,” she said.

These students who are working on a public relations project will be handing out fliers to create awareness for the CentrePeace restorative justice program and the website related to the issue. So, on April 12, instead of being wary of approaching these students in orange jumpsuits, go on over to them and learn about restorative justice and how it is affecting State College.

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