More THON 2011 Captains

You may have heard that some new THON Captains were announced for 2011 recently for the Entertainment, Technology, Finance, Merchandise, and PR Committees. Here’s the breakdown:

Entertainment: These folks make all those cute shows and videos that we all love to see during THON. They also host THON Skate and THON Band Bash and are in charge of stage set-up, the Pre-THON show, stage and camera shifts, Entertainment events, bands, Athlete Hour, Pep Rally, and post-THON stage teardown. And the new captains are…
Production: Ana Botera, Carly Hyland
Production DVD: Courtney Bentz
Archiving: Andrew Ogburn

Technology: Tech interacts with just about every other committee, making sure all their technical needs are met. This team is also responsible for the administration of the THON Store website, the Pass System, THINK,, and even the 5K Robots. And the new captains are…
THINK: Joe Kampman, Adam Zydney, Kaylyn Gibilterra, David Rounsky-Maxwell, Vince Kolman
THINK Liaison: Pat Lunney Scott Cicero, Amanda Ferguson, Neil Sweigard, Zachary Seidel, Alex Shovlin Liaison: Alli Antis, Nicole Yankoski
PASS: Tim Nary, Jake DeSantis, Austin Guiswite, John Adler
PASS/Networking: Greg O’Neill
PASS Liaison: Chase Tralka
Lead Liaison: Adam Bogovich

Finance: The Finance Captains are responsible for tracking THON’s total throughout the fundraising season. That means monitoring donations, checks, and pledges. Oh, and they coordinate canning weekends. And the new captains are…
Assistant Treasurers: Brittany Carse, Eddie Peyton

Merchandise: Merch runs the THON Store throughout the year, during THON Weekend, and through online orders. This group is also in charge of designing new products, distributing 100 Days and THON Weekend on-duty shirts, and handling all licensing issues. And the new captain is…
Technology Liason: Kyle Bowman

Public Relations: PR Captains, well, they handle PR–communicating directly with media outlets, planning marketing events and campaigns, and designing publications. And the new captains are…
National Media Relations: Caitlin Rush and Paulina Jones
Alternative Media Relations: Andrew Lambert and Andrew Byun

There are still more Captains to be announced, so stay tuned.


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