Penn State Athletes Charged with Disorderly Conduct

After remaining relatively clean of off-the-field issues for the past few years, another Penn State football player along with a prized basketball recruit  has made headlines for the wrong reasons.  Wide reciever Curtis Drake and basketball recruit Taran Buie were charged with disorderly conduct early Sunday morning after an altercation outside of the East College Avenue McDonald’s.

According to the police report the stand-out athletes were fighting outside of the restaruant and creating “threatening behavior” toward one another.

However, witnesses believe the fight was nothing more than a good-natured wrestling match, citing the two student-athletes as friends. Either way, the police felt it necessary to intervene and charge both with finethat could be more than $400.

Coach Joe Paterno and Coach Ed DeChellis now have other things to worry about for this up coming season. Not only do they have to worry about their star athletes fattening up on some late night Big Macs, but now they have to decide if and how to punish these two.

Paterno has suspended players in the past for similiar situations.  Does anyone remember Anthony Scirrotto?  Although he was charged for a more severe crime, he still recieved a stiff suspension.

Unless Drake can prove he and Buie were joking around, it is possible for him to miss some playing time.  However, since it is Drake’s first notable incident, a suspension does not seem likely, but a warm bed in Joe Pa’s dog house is more than certain.


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