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Penn State is a large campus with various activities occurring at all times. It is nearly impossible to find out everything going on every night. Enter Nittany Nightlife: A website created by Kenny Rampolla, Marcus Stoll, Jay Gambaccini and Ben Boskovich.

Nittany Nightlife is a website that Penn State students, State College residents, alumni and visitors can all visit to find out what’s going on in the area. Nittany Nightlife lists the local bars and restaurants and all of their deals or specials. Ben Boskovich states, “We wanted to help State College make their plans every night. We realized that there were sites out there that provided information, but they did not really specialize or focus on the nightlife aspect.” Kenny Rampolla set up his partners with Greg Pierce and his BA302H class. What they learned from the class helped to turn their idea into a reality. The very same class helped to launch

After planning and strategizing, they created their “one stop shop” in which people could see all the opportunities Penn State had to offer, instead of hearing about things they had missed out on the next day. After researching information about the local drinking establishments, the founders came to the realization that over half the Penn State population is under the legal drinking age.

Boskovich tells Onward State that, “We decided it was just as important for us to reach out and try to promote things that underage PSU students could do as well.” As a result, they created the alternative entertainment section of Nittany Nightlife. This section of the website lists events such as bowling, laser tag, and movies. The other sections are Bars, Clubs, Beer & Beyond, and Music. They even provide information about transportation services around campus.

Currently, NittanyNL is working with StudentCity on free spring break trip giveaways each month. This website was created by former students for students, so the founders know what people are looking for in their night lives at Penn State. It is a great way to store and organize all the endless possibilities that one night in State College offers its students and residents.

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For information on advertising opportunities, contact Kenny Rampolla at 610-554-2564
For other information, contact Ben Boskovich at [email protected]

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