Nittany Lion Mascot Charged With Underage Drinking

Clint Gyory, the 2009-2010 Nittany Lion mascot, was charged last Tuesday with offenses that included underage drinking and public drunkenness, according to docket sheets obtained from the Pennsylvania Unified Judicial System official website. The charges were connected with incidents that occurred on August 1st, 2010, the day following Gyory’s birthday.

Beyond the charges of underage drinking and public drunkenness, the District Court docket sheets also included a charge of criminal mischief–tampering with property. The docket sheets also show that the district court is still awaiting a plea from Gyory. Curtis White, the PSU cheerleading head coach, offered the following in a statement:

We are certainly disappointed in the news of this incident, perhaps no one more so than Clint himself. He understands that his poor judgment does not come without impact on the athletic department and the University, and he is most regretful of that. He will not be in uniform throughout the month of September.

Gyory offered no comment, but noted that Coach White would be responsible for handling all further questions. Penn State spokesman Geoff Rushton stated that the charges have been referred to judicial affairs, but that the process will remain confidential. He also noted that, “If [Gyory] is guilty of the charges, we are obviously very disappointed.”

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