Mythbusters: Drive-In Movie Theaters

Looking for a new plan for your Friday or Saturday night? You might have heard rumors that there used to be a drive-in movie theater right here in State College. That rumor is true, but the key words are “used to be”.

Have no fear! You can still get your big-screen outdoor movie fix!

There are two drive-in movie theaters within an hour and a half from State College: the Super 322 and the Pike.

The Super 322 is located, you guessed it, along 322 West in the town of Clearfield, Pa. This facility has one screen that plays two features on Friday and Saturday nights. This weekend the movies are The Expendables and Predators. It only costs $6 per person for both films, which is a deal considering what you pay for one movie down at the Premiere .

The Pike is a little more advanced with three screens to choose from. This weekend they will be playing The Expendables, Piranha, Nanny McPhee 2, The Other Guys, The Last Exorcism, and Going The Distance. The cost for The Pike is $8 per person.

Both places have concession stands featuring classic noms such as popcorn, pizza, pretzels, burgers, fries, and soda. You can also pay an extra fee to bring your own food and drink. Or, you could try to ninja-sneak your own stuff in without them knowing, but Onward State does not promote this type of tomfoolery.

If you’re thinking that an hour and a half is too far to drive late at night after the completion of the second film you could always look into camping for the night in the area. The Woodland Campground is located five minutes from The Super 322, and the Riverside Campground is six minutes away from the Pike.

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