Students Memorialize 9/11

The campus community observed the anniversary of the events of September 11, 2001, with two separate memorials. On Friday, UPUA hosted an early morning event, with State Senator Jake Corman as the keynote speaker. On Saturday, Young Americans for Freedom, lead by Chairperson Sam Settle, planted several hundred mini-American flags in the ground to spell out “NEVER FORGET 911”, which was the backdrop for an informal ceremony, with a keynote talk by State Representative Kerry Benninghoff.

Benninghoff spoke eloquently of the need to thank the public servants who protect the country in foreign lands just as much as the volunteer firefighter who wakes from a slumber at 3am. He urged all to be “vigilant against the silent erosion of American freedoms”. According to Benninghoff, these include but are not limited to the growing national debt and the “albatross of local, state and federal laws.” Settle closed out the event by highlighting the importance of viewing 9/11 not as an isolated event taking place in a vacuum, but as one of many attacks by Islamic terrorist organizations.

Turnout was about equal at both ceremonies, with 50 people enjoying the opportunity afforded by the beautiful weather. It was heartening to see students commemorate the events. The student body transcended political affiliation to present a message of unanimity and appreciation.

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