Some Halo Fans Get a Big Package

The crowd consisted primarily of lisped prepubescent boys, die-hard fanboys, stoned nightowls, and then me.

Apparently there was some rules to this Halo: Reach release party. But these are only professionally observed opinions.

1. You cannot like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Or at least you can’t like it anymore because it’s so “6 months ago.”

2. You must bring own form of entertainment. since your friends are probably invisible and/or nonexistent, continue to play Pokemon on your DS.

3. All the people staring at you while you stand in line for a video game aren’t crazy. You are.

4. Virginity must be at least partially intact.

5.  If in fact you do have friends, a girlfriend or even a dog, keep your eyes to the ground to avoid any weirdness

If you could abide by these rules, you would have been a perfect fit at the Halo: Reach midnight release. With a crowd spanning the entire plaza of the Gamestop (located by Walmart on Atherton), the crowd that formed even before 9:30 p.m. was impatient to say the least.

“What the f&$k is taking so long,” a random kid in line yelled.

After two hours in line, full of complaining, comparing package choice of what edition you got, or even just trying to discuss the downfalls of the current Halo games, the line finally began to funnel in. After a night of raffles and confusion, the first guy in line came out holding his game above his head as if it was some sort of award.

There is one thing for sure: There’s going to be a lot of people dozing a little harder than usual today in classes, because this game will keep you up all night.

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