Reel Big Turnout

For what seemed to be an unusual choice of venue, Reel Big Fish played a packed show on Medlar Field at Lubrano Park last night. The concert held on the baseball field proved for a great outdoor venue that the Student Programming Association-sponsored event could still charge and control those coming in.

For only $5, students could relive some of their ska days while skanking in the circle pit. Reel Big Fish played a show full of hits, pleasing all fans.

Opening with “Sellout” and playing songs like “She has a Girlfriend Now” and “Brown Eyed Girl,” the set list full of trombone, drum and trumpet solos kept the crowd dancing even harder.

“This song does’t have the ‘F’ word in it at all,” the lead singer joked, going into a new song.

Reel Big Fish even pulled out some covers of songs including a great version of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman.”

Even though I’m not a ska fan nor have I ever skanked in my entire life, the show proved to be a happy, upbeat performance offered for students. So keep it up SPA, let’s see what you will bring us next. But what do you guys want to see? That’s the real question.

Yes, Reel Big Fish was a great flashback just like everything else on campus (Goo Goo Dolls, Hanson), but how about something new?

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