Overheard on Facebook: Run and Tell Dat

Run and Tell That, Homeboy

Run and Tell That, Homeboy

Hide your kids, hide your wife, Antoine Dodson is coming (or at least some people hope) to Penn State. According to a Facebook event page, the “Bring Antoine Dodson to Penn State” campaign could prove successful.

The Facebook page says “Pat Beal is currently working on renting out the BJC for a night.” The fan page has nine admins, with Patrick Beal being one of them. Beal was unavailable for comment but his profile linked to the page says he’s a senior at Penn State from York, who enjoys activities like “sleeping in parking garages and jumping out of windows.”

Who knows if this is a “hey this would be rad if we could pull this off” sort of thing, or if they can get enough support to make sure e’rrbody gets their fill of Mr. Dodson. So, be careful ’cause “they rapin’ everybody out there,” homeboy.

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