5 Songs for the Weekend-STD Edition?

Lil' Wayne wins your heart over with the song "Gonorrhea."

The past two weeks we’ve been running a section called “Five Songs for the Weekend,” assorted lists of your newest favorites and future obsessions. We mixed it up last week with more than just hip-hop and rap, but let’s be honest. We all know what sort of music gets the party going (no, not you, Kenny G). Of course Kanye is on this list because G.O.O.D. Fridays. He releases a new song every Friday and pretty much takes the number one spot each week.

1. Kanye West-Lord Lord Lord
This song is definitely a slower paced jam, but nonetheless it features a hell of a cast in the song including Swiss Beatz, Mos Def, Raekwon and Charlie Wilson. All the aforementioned artists are no strangers to Mr. West’s songs, but this special combination provides for a unique song full of surprises, like the quote “If I’m a douche, then put me in your coochie.” Thank you, Kanye, for inspiring children worldwide.

2. Lil’ Wayne-Gonorrhea
I promise this will be the last vaginal reference for this article. Wayne and Drake collaborate on this for a sick (literally) track released from Wayne’s “I Am Not Human” EP. In the end, the message is: “I don’t want yo’ gonorrhea.”

3. Brandon Flowers-Crossfire
For those of you unfamiliar with Brandon Flowers, give the song less than 5 seconds and you’ll know which band this lead singer is from. If not, you don’t deserve to listen to music (kidding, sort of). A slower, yet upbeat song, “Crossfire” provides for a sexual, yet melodic rock song. It’s no Kings of Leon or The Killers arena-rock song, nor does it have any STD insights, but it does have the ability to get stuck in your head.

4. Bruno Mars-Grenade
This song may slightly reference “The Jersey Shore,” but real music fans who don’t watch that shit will actually like this song too, as it’s a lyrical and rhythmical masterpiece. The song is uber-catchy, and upon further listening seems to be one of Bruno Mars’ less sell-out songs. Even though Mars is facing cocaine possession charges, he’ll keep making music, just like Weezy.

5. Chiodos-Love is a Cat from Hell
Now this song is for a different kind of party, or for that alternative hipster girl you’ve been trying to get with. Chiodos recently lost lead singer Craig Owens, but they have a new singer and a new album due Oct. 5. This song is fast and heavy and seems to stay strong all the way through.

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