Obama: A Member of Paternoville?

During a conference call with college journalists Monday, the Daily Collegian’s own Katrina Wehr was one of four lucky students to ask President Obama a question. The Prez seemed to have football on the mind, though:

MS. WEHR: Hi, Mr. President. How are you?

THE PRESIDENT: I’m good, Katrina. Where are you calling from?

MS. WEHR: Penn State University, where Joe Biden will be tomorrow.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, tell the Nittany Lions, congratulations. You guys won this weekend.

MS. WEHR: Oh, yes, barely. (Laughter.)

THE PRESIDENT: Barely. It was a little scary there for a second.

MS. WEHR: You’re telling me.

How does the leader of the free world know that Temple made half of Beaver Stadium shit their pants on Saturday? Is he the Nittany Lion’s biggest fan? Probably not, considering he gave a shoutout to UCLA for upsetting Texas in his next question, but it is pretty cool to have a president that can keep up with treaties and touchdowns while having the most important job out there.

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Dan Vecellio

Dan is a graduate student in meteorology, hailing from Bradford, Pennsylvania. His interests include sports, Penn State and commons cheesesteaks. Feel free to contact me through my email or follow me on Twitter.


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