Super Mash Bros Mix and Mash Some Beats

Super Mash Bros, not to be confused with the classic video game Super Smash Brothers, came to Penn State this weekend. As a part of The Blitz and Beatz Tour, in affiliation with the Campus Socialite and fraternity Sigma Chi, they played outside the  Delta Upsilon fraternity.

Rock Comedian Brian Smith hosted and special guest G. Curtis opened the show. G. Curtis is a rapper, singer and songwriter whose debut EP “Falling Up” is now on iTunes; he definitely has that fresh and new R&B sound.

The three “Mash Bros.” are Dick Fink, Nicolas Fenmore, & Ethan Dawes. They grew up in Los Angeles, and are full time college students who also manage to tour full time. According to their website, they are,“Mash-Up Artists, DJ’s, Computer Musicians, Video Artists, call them what you will. They don’t care as long as it makes you want to party that much harder.” Their second album, “All About the Scrillions” is up for free download on their website.

A huge portion of the show was dedicated to the 90’s because that’s when we were all born. As a tribute, they played cartoons and music videos from our collective childhood as they mashed up songs from the 90’s. Some of the videos included clips from classic cartoons like “Hey Arnold” and “Doug.”

Tickets were $15 each, and a portion of the proceeds are going to be donated towards a local State College charity.

Check out the Blitz and Beatz tour to see the complete schedule of dates and events.

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