Greek Life Bonded by Chicken Wire and Elmer’s Glue

Imagine spending long nights in a fraternity basement surrounded by squares of colorful, flame-resistant tissue paper, gallons of Elmer’s glue, and a few hundred yards of chicken wire. Add in the deafening sounds of a power saw and the constant whirring of electric drills, and you’ve pretty much described what Homecoming is like for most paired fraternities and sororities.

“This year Sigma Alpha’s theme is Alice in Wonderland and we decided to build our float around the tea party scene from the movie,” said Emily Lager, a senior majoring in Food Science. “Pomping isn’t really that exciting – you are literally sticking hundreds of squares of tissue paper into little holes but it becomes a fun socializing activity because you are spending so much time with your sisters. By the end of the week you usually become extremely close with the fraternity you are paired with.”

Organizations usually prepare months in advance for their floats, picking themes and designing layouts for the big day. Building a float requires the help of every member of an organization.

The Homecoming Parade begins this Friday at 6 p.m. It starts by Beaver Stadium, makes its way past East and South Halls, and ends on College Ave.

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