Plans Revealed for Sustainability Experience Center

Penn State is blue, white and green… and going greener. The Center for Sustainability has recently revealed its plans for a nine acre Sustainability Experience Center.

The center, located behind Medlar field off Porter Road, will serve as a place for students and community members to practice and learn ways to apply sustainable practices to food, water, building materials and energy systems, the CfS website says.

The Sustainability Experience Center is like the Disney World of every hippie’s dreams, complete with a variety of interactive experiences to really get your hands dirty. Some of its features include:

  • Event shell for outdoor lectures, performances and cultural/artistic events
  • Wind turbine for students to assess noise, durability and advanced materials of wind turbines
  • MorningStar solar home to be used as a teaching and research facility
  • Chevorlet Solar Car Port to provide researchers a place to help prove the efficiency of solar-generated electricity

To check out all of the plans for the Sustainability Experience Center–or if you just like to click things–have some fun browsing the site’s interactive map.

For combining environmental education and fun, the Center for Sustainability gets two green thumbs up.

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