Teach for America Applications Due

Teach for America applications are due this Wednesday, October 27, at 11:59 p.m. EST. Those who apply by that date will be notified of final decisions in mid-January, after going through one or two rounds of interviews. The application is just a resume, letter of intent, and some additional information, so it’s still possible to start and finish an application by the deadline.

The Teach for America program places selected applicants in low-income schools for two years to help bridge the educational gap. Educational inequality is a major national problem–just half of students in low-income communities graduate high school by the time they are eighteen, and only one in 10 graduate from college. It hurts our country’s economy, and from a sheer moral standpoint limits children’s potential and future.

The program is a great opportunity to use your skills and knowledge for a good cause, enhance your teaching skills, and build your resume. Teach for America offers money for student loans, exclusive grad school scholarships, loan forbearance and interest payment for the two years you’re in the program, in addition to salary and health insurance like most employers.

Recruitment Director Jeremy Corbett said of the program, “Penn Staters who are looking for a challenge and who care about making an immediate impact while joining a broader network of social reformers should do this no matter what their intended path coming into college because the kids need them now.”If you have the slightest interest in the program or teaching in general, this is a great and unique opportunity to dive into.

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