UPAC Approves Standing Allocation for Movin’ On

Photo from the UPUA Movin' On meeting that took place last month

The spring festival Movin’ On was granted a standing allocation by the University Park Allocation Committee Tuesday night. The closed vote came after questioning the Movin’ On executive board and discussion among UPAC.

The main issues on the table were if Movin’ On was a campus-wide need and how the event would expand given the huge increase in funding. The board spoke of opinions and articles featured in the Collegian and other campus media outlets, along with the obvious fact that students would like bigger acts to come. They also shared how the Movin’ On committee along with six other affiliated groups would make sure that student tastes–and not their own–are represented in band choices through the use of surveys and open forums at meetings.

In addition, the board explained how their event is different from those at the Bryce Jordan Center (mainly it’s a free event and run by students), and why they can’t be a subgroup of the Student Programming Association (SPA doesn’t need the extra responsibility of putting on a concert), both of which already have standing allocations from UPAC and serve similar purposes as Movin’ On.

The Movin’ On board also demonstrated their plans for enhancing and expanding the concert, mentioning adding more food and extra activities to the concert, in addition to being able to afford bigger name acts. They spoke of a revamped PR effort to increase student awareness and attendance including use of the LION radio station, HUB tables, and social media. Plans for increased security were also shared with UPAC.

Ultimately, the answers to the probing questions were enough to get a long-term promise of moola for the spring festival. Hopefully Movin’ On will be able to follow through on their plans and put on an splendid pre-final concert.

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