Keep Sippin’ That Four Loko (For Now)

Update: The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board is asking distributors to stop selling Four Loko. The article says that, “The Liquor Control Board isn’t banning the drink, but instead asking distributors to remove it from their shelves until the Food and Drug Administration finishes a safety review.”

Rumors have been circulating about a ban on the sale of the infamous caffeine-infused alcoholic beverage otherwise known as Four Loko. Referred to as “liquid cocaine” or “blackout in a can,” in a few short months, it seems to have solidified its place on college campuses.

A simple call to the local bottle shops and distributors reveals that they have no intentions to stop selling the product anytime soon. Rumors started after colleges like Ramapo College in New Jersey placed a ban on the drinks, prompting others to follow the initiative. The Attorney General of Washington State has even called for their banning.

A clerk at WR Hickey confirmed that they “are still selling Four Loko” and plan to do so “as long as they are allowed.” So, for now, continue to enjoy your Four Loko, because who knows when it will be the last.

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